Golden Ratio <=> Volume Calculator


2010-10-22 10:57 am
Wasn't sure where to post this spreadsheet tool for calculating golden ratio and volume.

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Enter value in yellow field and it calculates white fields.

The image looks good. The Zip didn't keep the package togther thou (so is a useless mess). You should save out as a pre-xml Excel file so that it is more compatiable

Excel sucks as a spreadsheet (a good example of how world dominance stifles innovation). It should be possible to put it on 1 visible line (but would likely require some temporary cells elsewhere)



2010-10-22 10:57 am
Gee, thanks Mister! :happy2:

Formulas I used are a little different.. Columns B-E, Rows 3-6

B3 [=E3^(1/3)/D2], C3 [=E3^(1/3)], D3 [=E3^(1/3)*D2], E3 [Blank-Enter Volume]
B4 [=D4/D2/D2], C4 [=D4/D2], D4 [Blank-Enter Height], E4 [=B4*C4*D4]
B5 [=C5/D2], C5 [Blank-Enter Length], D5 [=C5*D2], E5 [=B5*C5*D5]
B6 [Blank-Enter Width], C6 [=B6*D2], D6 [=C6*D2], E6 [=B6*C6*D6]
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