GM ML-TL for Pioneer GRS 8" (Max Flat) Question


2009-09-12 11:34 pm
Please forgive my ignorance, as I am relatively new to the DIY speaker world, but I had a question on the following design:

GM ML-TL for Pioneer GRS 8" (Max Flat)

I am looking to build this design as a class project with some students, and in an attempt to maximize our resources/minimize our waste, we were wondering if it is at all possible to modify the design to be only 48" tall, as that would allow us to nest the pieces more efficiently on standard 49" x 97" MDF sheets?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Sure! I tend to design cabs with some tuning flexibility built in, so rarely is it ‘cast in stone’.

With a 46.5” i.d. path-length, driver down 18.46” and same width x depth [CSA = 150.54”^2] = ~4.051 ft^3 net Vb with the understanding that the reduced volume will roll off the bass a minor amount or you can increase CSA = 164.3”^2, driver down 18.66” to maintain a ~4.421 ft^3 net Vb.

All dims are i.d. and approximate, so rounding them off to ‘fit’ a tape measure is fine.

Note that this design was based on what turned out to be some very misleading specs for the worse by Parts Express, so while the cab is still [barely] large enough according to T/S, its simmed response therefore isn’t flat, though probably will still perform well in room once stuffing density [damping] is dialed in by ear.