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For Sale Germany/Berlin: Dayton RS225-8, Faital HF108, active XO, enclosures

Things you have for sale.
I know putting this out here, chances are slim.
This is ideally for pickup as a whole set. (~near Berlin)
If you are interested let me know if you want the whole or just parts of it
and we will work out a price that will be more than fair.

I already built test enclosures for this (2-way, ~40l, sealed so far) out of 18mm birch ply.
HF108 is used but working.
RS225-8 are brand new in box.

Optionally in addition to the speakers set (2xenclosure, 2xHF108, 2xRS225-8 & connectors)
I can offer an active XO and amps too if there is interest:
Minidsp 2x4, UMIK-1 USB microphone, two Ayima A04 and input selector unit with PGA2310.
I can also include a Vicor power supply 24V/10A.

Best regards from Fürstenwalde
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