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GenRad 1570 Line AC Voltage Controller


2004-03-23 9:44 pm
I got it to use for the chassis but could not bring myself to rip it apart. Lots of great parts as shown. As with all GR gear, this is built to laboratory spec. The front panel is solid aluminum & is ~3/8" thick. There is a main power supply & what appear to be 2 interstages. The PT is 115VAC 50-60Hz in w/ 415VCT @ .020A, 12.6V x2 @ ~1A combined, 54VCT @ .020A, & 110VCT @ .032A. The interstages are unknown Z & each has a 0.50uF/600VDC CDE oil cap in series with them. All tube shields are present, all sockets are ceramic, and the unit is filled with numerous other small & useful parts. Both toggle switches are Arrow-Harts, drool. There is no corrosion anywhere & looks like it came out of the rack yesterday. Tubes are 5651's, 2D21's, OA2WA's (included), and 5751's. The 5751's were pulled for another project and are not in it as shown. That is all the info I have for now as it is back in storage until I ship it.

There might just be everything needed for a [email protected] preamp project.


[IMGDEAD]http://home.comcast.net/~mechanized/images/gr1570a.jpg[/IMGDEAD] [IMGDEAD]http://home.comcast.net/~mechanized/images/gr1570b.jpg[/IMGDEAD]