Genesis Media Labs Gem

Hey want a good use for those white van HT systems they are pawning off everywhere?

Well some guy gave me the whole Genesis Media Labs G-608 system for an old receiver I had.

Firstly proceed to toss the sub\amp into the nearest trashbin where it belongs.

This is a total dog looks like an 5.99 10" woofer built into a vented enclosure and if you look inside you see how they very niftily built the receiver into the same box gluing an LED panel to the chipboard and some zippy .79 meters.

Also you'll the so badly designed receiver that goes HUM on 50 percent of them in the space of months.

The only value in this turd is in the copper in the transformer.

Like I said total rubbish.

Ah but the towers made of pressed cardboard ooh(I kid you not).

The real gem here though are the paper 3" full-ranges yes full-ranges (they just added a .39 mylar tweeter fo air and to pretend its an MTM more the pretend then the air I think.).I proceeded to yank the mylar tweeter disassemble the center and add the 2 3" driver from the center to the towers(Which have 2 in them).

For a total of 3 3" drivers.Now hook these to a real amp and not bad,not bad at all.They have air and the midrange is quite good of course the bass is a bit thin but nothing that couldnt be remedied with a nice sub.

These are 8w rms paper cone drivers(Painted to look aluminum tho ooh)small motor hence the low wattage but they do sound rather good minus the sizzly mylar(which I suspect they never needed).

So if you see these in the trash and think junk you may just want to grab those cheap little 3" chinese drivers.

You have to figure even a total faux HT junk system like this there has to be some good.
Coming to your neighbors trash can real soon.


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