Genelec Near field monitor build?


2013-03-30 5:58 pm
Hello, as the title suggests, I am looking to build a set of studio monitors that mimic that of the Genelec 8250a's. I don't really want to spend 5 grand on a pair of monitors, so I came here. What I want is a simple speaker build that has the most reliable and flat frequency response that mimics Genelecs. I don't really care about the DSP function of the speaker, but rather the frequency response. I've never build a speaker in my life (with the exception of 4x12 guitar amp cabs), but I have done my research on crossovers and frequency response. All I want is a 8" driver with a 1" tweeter and amplifier that can be as loud as Genelec's. If anyone could lead me onto the right path, that would be great, and if I'm crazy, and this is not possible, please tell me as well. Thanks!



2007-10-09 11:40 am
Take the following ingredients (serves one box):

1) a good 8" Chassis (Vifa, SB Acoustics, Scan Speak, Visaton, Peerless, etc.)
2) a matching waveguide from Dave Pellegrene (the 8" elliptical with the CSS LD25X or Dayton RS28 tweeter would be nice)
3) a Hypex PSC2.400D
4) a well made cabinet
5) measurement equipment
6) plenty of time

Now you are set.