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GB query interest for RemoteDial


I finished a new project RemoteDial.
It is a Infrared Remote Control with following features:

- very compact
- min. amount of parts
- teach mode (learnable) for most IR protocols
- 6 functions only with one push button rotary encoder
(for example Volume -, Volume +, Input -, Input +, Mute, Standby)
- run with a CR2032 battery or alternative (AA or AAA)
- qiescent current 3-9uA
- battery life >30 month

Actually we build some Dials in a german forum.

Is someone interested?
In this case I will start a new batch pcbs and I will translate the documentation.


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- Push the encoder button while power on
- Release the button
- push vol+ from original ir remote
- push vol- from original ir remote
- ....
All received commands store in the flash.

After that one command will be send after turn the encoder one count(step)

It is fancy when your receiver have a motor pot.

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Hi all,

i have one of the first RemoteDail pcbs and what should I say, great! :D

Packed all the components this morning and I let our trainee do it this in the forenoon ... later it looked like this.

A first test at my Pre in the office, everything is fine and works great (loud / quiet & input up / down & mute / standby).

So far it's a great toy, I didn't expect the haptic / experience. It's like controlling everything directly on the device!

Best regards ...Carsten


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