I had a box and six transformers without knowing that to make. Because well I made this amplifier of six channels.

A greeting.



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2004-03-17 9:43 am
Hi angel,
I'm a firm believer in a good buffer for the gainclone, and use an old fashioned chip too, the LF353, for the exact same reason we chose the 3875 - it has an almost identical topology, and almost identical response, just significantly lower dissipation.

Tried the burr brown efforts - nice but very HiFi, and Nuuks buffer is a treat.

As to the why this should work better than a TVC - I cannot give a solid explanation (I am not an EE by trade), but I feel that there are some input resistance variations (that are offest by capacitance to give a net input impedance), that take good old current to solve, and more than a TVC/Passive can muster.

However, the buffer needs only to have unity gain, and you'll add around 9 parts or so to the signal path (one way or another) - still a very low parts count, and it'll cost little to try.

Have fun