Gainclone SuperNoob

Hi, i just received my Peter Daniel's 3875 Gainclone Kit and i couldn'T find where every part had to go cause i didn't find SE Schematics so i went to and the rev.3 board parts list was availlable with parts name but just to make sure i wanted to check

the big caps i used were Panasonic 1500uf 50v
Cz= is it the little blue capacitor? with 100n GR 63V BC written on it
R1=is it a 220ohm resistor? or 1k
R2= 22k
R3= 680ohm
Rf = 22k is it the same thing as the RNFB??
Rz= 2.7 ohm

VoLCoM said:
yes i do but it's not pretty accurate it has like 0.9 ohm + but it can do the job i only have to substrack 0.9 from the value ;)

A multimeter normally can act as a DC&AC voltmeter, Ammeter, Ohmmeter, and Conductance Meter.

If you are saying that as an ohmmeter the needle starts at .9 ohm, all you need to do is touch the terminal together (essentially 0 ohm), then find the little dial on the meter and calibrate this to zero. This is if you have an analog meter. Just so you know you will need to do this for every resistance notch on that meter as each notch (range) has its own internal calibration resistors which aren't quite perfect.

Hope that helps.
yeah but it's a digital multimeter (cheap) i bought it for 30$ CAD and it'S only for the ohmmeter that it's not accurate and i didn'T find any calibration pot or... something to adjust it maybe inside it???
for the Gainclone
does the resistor that i put are the corect values???? and the little blue thing was a capacitor??? electrolytic? or polypropylene ? or...???? i wish i could post some pictures but i lost my usb cable for my digital camera... but you probably know what i'm talking about :)