Gain control - using integrated amp for adjusting gain?

In a multi-way active loudspeaker, gain control of different drivers and amps must be co-ordinated. One way is using power amps with adjustable power amps, which have a pot meter to set the amp's gain.

Would using integrated amps with volume control function identical to this or is there a difference between a power amps gain adjuster and an integrated amp's volume control? Perhaps an integrated amp is more volatile for an input signal that changes in voltage than a power amp?

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Well of course there is a difference. Volume pots control attenuation of the input signal while gain pots control the amplification.
Any negative feedback amp has a resistor network that sets the gain, so almost all amp;s gain can be adjusted and all chip-amps i know of are employing negative feedback
As a member of the NRA (No Rheostats Allowed), I am opposed to the imposition of Gain Control. Our country was founded upon the principle that every citizen should have the right to blare alarms. The purest signal is when the source is directly connected to the power amp with no government mandated preamp in the signal path. Play it loud or play it not at all. :)

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