Futurlec? Anyone?

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Thank you for the input. I dislike doing business with a company that does not list a phone number, however, I think I might give them a try. Their prices are good and low .... very low .... maybe too low. Why are their prices so low?

Back on the fence again.

If I give them a try I will update this thread one way :up: or the other :down:, just for posterity's sake.

Either way, thanks again and happy trails.
Used them last month

They listed an address in New York, but the components actually arrived from Thailand. Everything came ok and the prices were good, but it took a week longer than I expected. And that's without any customs holdups. I guess if there were problems, it might take longer...

Cheers, BC :drink:
I'v used futurlec many times, and never had any problems except for one order which I made six months ago and apparently got lost, I was assured it was being resent by their sales manager Allen Bonard at the end of last year but I haven't received it yet and now he no longer seems to be replying me emails.

Now I am scanning the net for some kind of contact number.
I bought from them....waited two weeks for my parts. When I got nothing, I send a WTF email, to which they replied that there was a problem with the shipping address (they lost it). :rolleyes:

Gave it to them, and asked why no one had bothered to call or email me of the problem. Got a politicians song and dance, but another 10 days :rolleyes: and I had my parts.

So if you need something in a hurry....keep looking.
futurlec problems

I placed an order with futurlec on 11-25-08. I got notices from them with 7-10 day delivery which has past. The only ways to contact them is via email and fax. I had a question on backlight current for the display I ordered. Their only info does not have a max current but states the backlight voltage is 3V to 13V !

I sent e-mails to sales, orders and technical, all @futurlec.com. All were returned as undeliverable. I tried again. The 2nd e-mail to technical@futurlec.com was returned because the mailbox was full. All three of my faxes were ignored.

Their website said my e-mail address was incorrect when I tried to track my order. I finally got an e-mail which ignored my question and suggested I track my order using the e-mail address which I told him didn't work. It still doesn't work.

I can't get an answer, I can't track my overdue package and don't have my parts. I would not place an order with them unless you don't need either your order or support and you like the hassle.
I ordered a pretty big hobby order from them about a year ago and had it shipped to me in South Korea. I seem to remember they gave me a plug when I wanted the socket (one mistake out of 50+ items). At least they had the right idea. Overall satisfied, though, as its sometimes difficult to convince companies to ship to me.
The only fault that I could find with Futurlec is that they substitute like mad. Of course you'll get something really similar to what you ordered but it may or may not be the item pictured. Asking for something specific goes even worse than not asking, since the only time I've ever gotten the exact item specified is by random chance. You'll be getting a box of parts same as or similar to what you ordered. But, if you're picky, avoid.
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