Funniest snake oil theories

I even claim, noise is easier to detect for the ear than the usual distortions (thd, tmd...) that are commonly determined.
I will differ distortions and noise furthermore;-))

A tip: a physical amplifier, for example, is not a perfect ideal, conceptual, system.
Another tip: start to understand what hearing does - with or without emotional or psychological conditions, as you want or need it;-)
Without entering your discussion, also if you are simply tired it matters a lot.
There was a time when I made a change to my system and it sounded muffled. I thought my effort was miasguided; then I blew my nose and it sounded much better.
Are you serious?
I am serious. My ears were stuffed up.
And then?

To be honest I miss what your point is and how it would be related to my statement.
Personally, I would not speak of an upgrade, but at best of a change.
And: Anyone who presses expensive audiophile fuses into the box knows nothing about the mostly catastrophic construction of his devices. If he knew about it, he would grab his equipment and beat dealers as well as developers and manufacturers with it - and whip himself with his audiophile strings;-))
Our perception is part of our experience. I was agreeing with you.

Hearing is more than an eardrum vibrating. Fatigue affects our perception and so does mechanical issues. Have you never noticed your hearing can be affected by having a cold or allergies? If not, then maybe you're lucky.
It's a known fact that sounds are also affected by weather, humidity, changes in barometric pressure.
So, during a "dry spell", does sounds become somewhat "dry" as well?
And on a rainy day, do sounds have a "soupy" type of delivery?