FullRanges into CAR? Help needed.


2005-09-07 12:28 am
Have anyone used them in cars? how do they work there? can they work there? -without a box? in freeair.

thinking about putting a fullrange speaker into Ford Escort 98 doors. (places are high on the door but face to the other door so aiming is impossible)

location is made for 4" speaker. so it narrows options abit.

i think most fullranges are "beamy" and need to be aimed to listener but how badly they do perform without adjustment to the location?

options for speakers?

l am looking for cheap alternatives.

eg. jordan is too expensive, Vifa, Visaton, Tangband are good options?

which 3-4" speakers do you think would work best in car enviroment?

(will be powered by 30w/rms/ch hifi amp and there will be a separate front subwoofer (placed in passanger footwell) -also midwoofers are an option but preferably without them)

thought about posting this to car audio section but you guys might not read that at all. and you do know the fullrangespeakers the best over here right??

thanks in advance.