full ranger (highish SPL max) most “lifelike” sound?


2007-12-05 10:39 am
Hopefully its not too broad a question:

What full ranger, with capability on peaks (only when occasionally cranked up) of 100 - 105 dB from 4 metres, if used with a pair of subs crossed at up to 150 Hz would have the least fatiguing but most “lifelike” sound?

Im happy to fix a rising response and or peaks, in the active crossover to the subs
For less beaming, preferably up to say 6.5 inch. Either
- a stock driver
- EnABLed
I’ve thought of the FE126eN; FE166
Something from Mark Audio?

If I went for 8” for higher sensitivity (maybe with some super tweeter I have, coming in c 5 kHz), how would the B200 compare?
Or the L Cao 8 inch L.Cao full range speaker 8 inches pair (looks similar to Diatone P610)

I dont know there are comfortable power handling - Again if crossed to subs at say 150 Hz, what SPL might the JX 92S or FR125S produce?

For use with an OTL amp that measures close to 50 w into 8 ohms, 40 w into 4 ohms.

At this stage, budget open


for 100-105 dB
i would try something like my HORN-Sat,
with FE206, AN super 8", Sica 8" 1100, B 200


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2007-12-05 10:39 am
Thanks, I imagine that would be *Very lifelike

though I just want a simple box
having said that, the fostex 208 could be a good option

I realize I need at least 94 db sensitivity, so that reduces the options that I'm aware of to the 208, 166; the B200 or the new driver I linked to
for non horn loading, the B200 might be best??


2007-12-05 10:39 am

you know these kinds of drivers

If the sensitivity requirement is eased to include drivers with B200 levels of sensitivity above say 200 Hz, what driver(s) would you suggest?

I can access a pair of "nos" 12 inch Goodmans Axiom 201. c 96 - 97 dB
(If you know them?), paired with a HE tweeter to deal with beaming, how might they fair, esp against the B200?
I had one pair of 201s thru here. I quite liked them. Not much over 12k.

FE126En, FE207e, FE168eS, FE166eN from the Fostex catalog. 208eS if you can live with a tweeter

Audio Nirvana Cast 8 -- no personal experience, but gets good press. The ANs i've heard have been dissapointing.

Tangband W8-1808. I've had both the big TB thru here, i like this one better, but at the expensive end of value for the dollar. Efficiency down around the same as the B200.

Lowther, Supravox if you have a big budget. And other stuff i haven't heard i'm sure.

Me i'd be looking at Alpair12. Or if you aren't in a hurry, the pricing that is being tossed around for the Alpair10.2 is crazy cheap. About the same efficeincy as A12 and for about the same $$ you could have 4. I figure anything they lose at the loud end of the dynamic range scale will be more than made up by their superb downward dynamic range.

I'd suspect that the above mentioned TB driver would need cone treatment. In a 40L BR box, they went into cone break-up on less than 20w... Before the break-up starts, they are extremely good drivers.

Note - the break-up I mentioned was at an audio meet, in a large-ish room (>10m x~5m). For smaller, domestic, environments, I can't see it being a huge problem.



2007-12-05 10:39 am
Alpair 12?

i previously havent gone looking for it, but i've heard very positive things about Mark Audio

(The link here wasn’t working for me, so I’ve just requested the translation of MJ Audio’s test of the Alpair 12)

frequency response tells just part of the story - but the published graph for the Alpair 12, while very hard to read, has quite a dip from 1 - 5 kHz. It looks to be at least 2 dB down from c 1500 - 3500 Hz

How does that translate into listening/ compare with any measurements folks have taken?
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I'm certainly interested in this solution - currently use a Monacor SPH-130AL which is OK but could be up-rated to a Mark Audio or JX92S.

The Gen 2 Mark Audio are a decided upgrade to JX92

Where have you seen the Alpair10.2 crazy cheap?

We were fortunate to have both a production prototype pair of Alpair 10 gen 2 and current production JX92s at this year's diyFEST.

Proposed pricing for the A10.2 is being released to OEM/dealers by Madisound. A10.2 is $60-80 less per pair than i expected. To find out what retail will be, you'll just need to wait till Madisound posts it.



2007-12-05 10:39 am
"The Gen 2 Mark Audio are a decided upgrade to JX92"

Strong praise indeed

"Proposed pricing for the A10.2 is being released to OEM/ dealers by Madisound. A10.2 is $60-80 less per pair than i expected. To find out what retail will be, you'll just need to wait till Madisound posts it"

Do they have a newsletter; and any chance you will be able to match them?