full range without whizzer cone

It's likely that the metallic dust cap will resonante badly, colouring the sound of any driver you fit it to.

Two modestly priced units that spring to mind are the Visaton B200 and the Fostex FF225K. The latter however is a WR unit, not an FR, with very limited excursion, so you'd need to horn load it, and add a tweeter. Q on the B200 is high, but it can be used in a variety of ways if you're careful enough.


2005-10-20 12:57 pm
Fostex F200A would be ideal, but at a cost....


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NED 209

2007-03-30 9:59 pm
i have the B200's, very expensive and i couldnt make myself fit dustcaps to them. the fostex look gorgeous but i imagine they weigh a ton (portable project) and cost a lot, the bogens are deff the favorite at this stage. cheap, light and hopefully cheerful

thanks for your reply's, interested in more if ye got them :)


2007-03-18 9:22 am
Whatever you do don't spraypaint a fostex 206 or 207.
the centre of the dustcap is ventilated. Both of these are rather heavy too.

It's a pity car audio doesn't go up to 8 inch.

Is this for a ghetto blaster project? You could conceal tweeters where the recording microphones go and use a non fullranger or support a fake dustcap in mid air from the back of the grille.

The B20 does have a whizzer and not very good efficiency, probably still your best bet. salvage a plastic chrome dustcap off some junk drivers.

You won't find much, 8 inches is a bit big for a fullranger even with a whizzer. 6 or 6.5 inches would open up a lot of options.

NED 209

2007-03-30 9:59 pm
hmmm. maybe the beyma 8ag/n, and cut out the whizzer and glue a dustcap in, theyre pretty sensitive.. would that sound horrible, how much damage will that do to the sound?

Hitsware how do the Bogen S86's sound? theyre industrial type speakers right?

OzMikeH hi, yeah its for the silver lady in this picture, she need chrome caps



2007-03-18 9:22 am
I see tweeters on her...
what does the crossover circuit look like, or are you replacing that too?
de whizzering a driver is a possibility. you might have problems with the depth of the drivers you buy too.
You may be cable to make an adapter ring from 12mm MDF painted black and use a 6.5 inch car audio driver. these have the benefir of more power from less volts because they are 4 ohms as well.

Those are a couple of classic collectable 'boxes there. Are you sure you want to modify it?

NED 209

2007-03-30 9:59 pm
its what i do :) its all i do... im gutting the whole thing, but leaving it so that it looks cosmetically untouched. like this one -



i used the visatons with that one and i was sooo pleased with the results, ive decided to use fullrangers in future, i just dont have the mentals for crossovrs and tweeters, plus theres something so very beautiful about such a simple setup. battery, amp, speakers.

i liked the look of these -

but apparently the dont have much bass? i like bass. i was thinking

a beyma 8ag/n, with a phase plug sprayed silver, and the whizzer removed.

would that work?
>how do the Bogen S86's sound?
>theyre industrial type speakers right?

They have fs~100 Hz Qts~2.2
sort of an industry standard ...
they sound very lively ....
the thing that differentiates them
from the other easily available 8"ers
is the efficiency ... AND .... (for your app)
lack of whizzer .....
They sound very good.
Designed both for 'intelligibility' (intercom)
and 'foreground music' (involving muzak)
But just down to 100 Hz .....
If you want to go down to ~50Hz .....


2005-10-03 12:50 pm
i had a pair of the 'spec' version of them Omnes Audio L8's, loved the midrange, as to be expected, i found the treble slightly ott, but i suspect that the normal version might be better imo.

Planet10, i would be interested in knowing your thoughts on them when you get a chance to hear them :)

NED 209

2007-03-30 9:59 pm
hi there Hitsware, ill gladly report back, only, i cant seem to get my hands on a set, at a good price. theres an American seller teasing my with a price of 8.95 on ebay, but he wont post to Ireland... i know shipping for these should only be around $30 - $35 via USPS, but im never gonna get it, everywhere ive tried ships UPS at like $75 ! aaggh

any ideas? ill keep trying anyways.