Full Range Coffee Cans

Here is a quick project you might want to share with your kids or grand kids, if you can get them to pull out their ear buds and hear some real sound. They are easy to make and don't sound bad at all. They are fine for background or computer speakers.

All you need is a pair of plastic coffee cans, a four inch driver, 6 ounces of polyfill, a mounting ring made from 1/8" plywood, four bolts , wire and two small self tapping sheet metal screws to hold the lid on. The stand is made from scrap pine held on with double sided tape. A 96 cent push on terminal cup was also used but a hole in the end is just as good for wiring. Optional grilles were made from 1/8" th plywood with fiber glass pet screen stapled to them, held on with a self tapping screw.

I used the Visaton FR 10, a great driver for this and other FR projects. ( MCM # 55- 4610)The photos show how its done or you can view a crude video on UTube-just search for Coffee Can Speakers.
Build a pair and sit back and enjoy the sound with a good cup of coffee.


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2013-02-12 12:21 pm
KLBIrd's finest work up to date!!! LOL

Nice, fun project for a kid. Actually, if you don't paint them, build a 360 Deg. Top Hat (omnidirectional), you can decorate a Coffee Shop or Diner with them, and use for background music.

You have demonstrated, as you have with other of your projects, that the options are unlimited.
Very cool. I actually have made speakers out of the nice large paper-clad foam cups that they serve you coffee from McD's. The foam is very durable and stiff. I don't think you need plywood on the baffle - just foam core board and you are set - no jigsaw needed. No terminal cup - just poke a hole in foam and run wires thru and seal with hot melt. The stands can be made out of scrap foam core hot melted onto the cup too.