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FS: Zaphaudio ZA-SR71 fully build or parts

In this clearance moment it's time for Zaphaudio ZA-SR71 bookshelfs.
Parts where bought late November 2019 and cabs were finished this Jan 2020.
Let's say that I have played them for 5 hours.

I could sell the kit parts (drivers + crossovers) or fully build speakers.

2 x ER18RNX H1456 7" Reed/Paper Pulp Cone Woofers
2 x Seas Prestige 27TDCF H1189 1" Pre-coated Fabric Dome Tweeters
2x fully assembled crossovers.

Cabinets are made of CNC plywood and veneered with Okumen, then professionally barnished and painted with white pearl laquer.

Asking for the Speaker and crossover Kit 300 euro
Asking for the cabinets 230 euro

Fully build speakers cabinets included 480 euro
Prices plus PP fees + shipping