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FS : VZaudio NS OPS Amplifier with two different IPS


For sale I have a completed amplifier. It is the VZaudio NS OPS with the Tubsumo IPS and the Vertical CFA IPS.
Complete amplifier not available anymore, but all modules are still available

The amplifier was build with lots of care, lots of smd which are all soldered nicely. Along with this, you have the full control protection and startup board V6. It has speaker protection, soft start, over current, temperature control, etc... 1000VA Toroidy transformer.
Chassis, transformer and all other components, except for modules are not available anymore

You can get the information from the web site here:
Virtual Zero Audio Store

For the complete amplifier, I'd like to get $USD, but I'm willing to sell it in parts due to the shipping cost of such an heavy chassis (Heavily modified Modushop 5U 500mm).
This option not offered anymore

If you want to purchase everything except chassis and transformers, I would let it go for 500$USD
New and final price 300$USD for all modules only

I would also accept trades/partial trades for the following items :
Denafrips Ares II DAC
Schiit Gungnir DAC (with Gen 5 USB)
Troels Gravesen CNO-GRANDE drivers and crossover set

Shipping price will be priced according to your location and option chosen. Paypal is 4% extra...

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2020-01-02 22.31.46.jpg
Absolutely phenomenal build. Wow. One of the best aspects is how you modified the chassis, specifically the substitution of the brackets for the top/bottom panels and front/rear panels for a tidier look I'm sure. Something that Modushop/DIY Audio Store should STRONGLY consider so that countersunk screws can be used on the top/bottom and rear panels.

Best of luck with your sale!


I have recently acquired the fully populated PCBs from Do. As expected the workmanship on these boards and the choice of components is all top notch quality.

Even though I'd love to built this amp. I already have way too many open projects that I'd like to finish first. Some are a few years old..

Here are the material I'd like to sell, it's everything that Do was selling except for the Tubsumo which I will keep but I do have a set of unpopulated PCB I could add ;

2x NS OPS populated PCBs
2x Tubsumo un-populated PCBs
2x Vertical CFA populated PCBs
2x Vertical VFA populated PCBs
1x control 6.02 PCB populated PCB
1x full PSUs for this amp (excluding transformer)
1x cabling set

If you are interested please send me a PM with your best offer.

Best regards,

Here is the thread; Ultra-high performance, yet rather simple - hybrid and more!

I didn’t have time to build it, I have too many unfinished projects to attend. Just a bad timing, please check post no.2 for some amazing pictures of the populated and fully functional PCBs.

I’m pretty sure that Do wouldn’t mind sharing his listening impressions of this amp. if I ask him nicely..

Thanks for your interest.
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