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FS: Various Tubes...

Hey all! I have some various tubes for sale as I am downsizing.

Payment with paypal is preferred. The tubes are all located in Vienna, Austria and will ship from here.

All tubes have been tested on my B&K707 Dynajet tester and in an Amplifier where applicable.

All tubes test either as new or very strong.

The list is as follows:
Matched pair of GE 6550 - Both missing guide pins - $95

Brand new sextet of Bugera branded 6550 - $130

Matched quad of Sylvania Black Plate 6BQ5 Yellow tip - $75

Matched quad of Japanese Matsishita 6BQ5 - $60

Matched Pair of Telefunken EF86 - $45

Matched Pair of Siemens Mesh Plate EF86 - $45

Matched Quad of Baldwin branded 12AX7A Matsushita - $65

Single Silvertone ST 45 dated 1938 - Tests like new - $45

Matched Pair Telefunken 6BQ5 NOS - $55 Label is worn off...

Nos American 5U4GB tubes - various brands $15 per piece. Choose RCA, GE, Slyvania, ect.

Also a very nice pair of Coral Holey-Basket Alnico fullrangers...

I will add more in the coming days.

Here are some pics.

Price for the pair would be $85 plus shipping.


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