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FS (UK): Peerless XLS10 + PR Subwoofer (BKelec 275W amp)


2008-02-07 7:21 pm
Due to an impending upgrade, some might have noticed I'm selling off a lot of gear to offset the cost.

For sale now is my current Sub. It's a peerless XLS10 with matching passive and a BK electronics 275W sub amp.

Links to drivers and amp are here:

Peerless XLS10

£290 in drivers and amps, from a very reputable sub supplier.

In a mid-small room this thing plays reasonably flat down to about 20Hz, it's an incredibly impressive sub for the size.

On to some build pics:








The finish will obviously divide opinions, but I always liked it. It would be easy to change anyway, as it's simply stapled on and can easily be removed.

Looking for £230 - much less than the sum of the parts and not ccovering the 20 or so hours time spent building it.

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Sadly yes. This was built while I was at uni. The upgrade is far more tasteful, looking like the finish will be cherry and black. It's part of the reason I'm so sad to have to get rid of this as it feels a bit like I'm leaving my younger days behind me...

Don't talk like that!!

I'm finishing up my first year at uni, and feel old enough thank you :D