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FS:Tube pre as-is, to be repaired or as component source

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First of all, please consider it weights 18Kgs, so shipping costs might be important. Got it second hand without ant schematic or manual. It has been identified as manufactured by Valab Taiwan.
It has 14 Sylvania OB2WA tubes and 3 12AU7A from Electro-harmonix.
8 transformers, very nice resistor attenuator,solid thick RCA's, Philips caps etc etc. Nicely cased in a clone chassis.
See pictures for evaluation, or ask components details by pvt msg.
It sounds extremely well but.....sometimes one tube starts glowing and sendind sparkling sounds from speakers. Not nice. Till now I changed the tube with a new one but after sometime another one is doing the same nasty noise..
When it makes it and you switch it off and the again on, the issue disappear. It happens randomely time to time. To give you a feeling last time it made this was about 10 playing hours ago.
For this reason I am not selling as fully functional but as-is. maybe you want to try to repair it (no schematic) or just use the nice parts for a new project?
it is 230 Volts set and will ship everywhere provided you understand that the costs would be huge(tell me zip and i will make offer).
I will pack it at my best to protect it.
I accept offers proposal by private message, maybe you can help me in setting the price, no clue about these parts costs. For sure the chassis is massive and could only itself value 80Euro, i guess.
Enjoy pics


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It went unsold. I have put it today in the most famous generalistic auction site.i see it of interest for diyers that can probably solve the issue.due to the high weight i ship to europe, prefeably
I have reduced the price as well by a significant margin.
Seller name is different as i have not same name account there.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.