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FS: Tektronix Distortion Analyzer set

Zero Cool

Paid Member
2004-09-20 6:10 am
Oh I so hate to part with this set, but I finally made the jump to an AP system and can't keep both.

Full Tektronix Distortion analyzer set. AA501A Analyzer, SG505 Balanced output Oscillator, SG505 Unbalanced Output Oscillator in a TM504 Frame. Calibrated about 3 years ago.

I also have a TM506 Frame with a Function Generator in it as well if you would prefer the large frame. contact me and we can work out the price difference.

Asking $1000 firm for the set plus shipping. I have it listed on eBay for $1250 at the moment if you prefer to go that route. but they suck out so much in fee's I have to ask more to cover the cost's.

I *Might* consider parting out the set. contact me and we can talk about it.

USA shipping only. sorry to the non usa people. just to heavy and expensive to risk shipping out of the US.


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