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FS: SuperTeddyRegs, Ian Isolator, DIYINHK XMOS


2013-06-11 3:39 pm
All items in perfect condition and full working order.

1) One pair of Pos & Neg SuperTeddyRegs from Teddy Pardo. These are set to 15V but can go from 12 - 22V with fitted resistor. Simply change R2 for higher output.

£60 for the pair free post UK - EU & USA £10 shipping

2) Ian Canada Raspberry Pi Hat Isolator board. Unused and new. Will throw in Ian's Battery supply board.


3) DIYINHK XMOS 384K I2S board. Brand new and unused.

£20 free post UK. Overseas please enquire

4) Talema 70051K 15VA 2 x 9V toroid transformer new and unused.

£12 free post UK

5) PEECEEBEE PSU board from Shaan. Unused

£10 free post UK


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