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FS: Sumiko Bule Point

cygnus x1

2006-09-25 1:19 pm
Original Sumiko Blue Point cartridge in excellent condition. High output MC. Stereophile said:"Blue Point has to rank as one of the best, if not the best, values in all of high-end audio," enthuses Corey Greenberg in Vol. 16, No. 4, April 1993. The only drawback was the P-mount plastic conversion mount, which they improved upon in version II.

This one has the Lyle Cartridges Aluminum mount which avoids the cheap plastic mount, and improves the coupling from cartridge to arm and also helps damp the cartridge body. This now competes with the version II. This has est 350 hrs use. The 0.3 X 0.7 elliptical stylus is still in great condition. Cantilever is nice and straight. Still sounds excellent.

I have the original box, manual, but not the foam box it came in. It will be wrapped in bubble wrap, inserted in original box and then boxed in shipping box.

An excellent entry level MC cartridge for cheap.

Asking $150.00 Free Ship CONUS


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