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FS: Slimline 2U - 350mm Chassis from DiyStore

SOLD FS: Slimline 2U - 350mm Chassis from DiyStore

Complete Black Slimline 2U - 350mm Chassis with Aluminum Covers from DiyAudio Store

Still in original box, unopened (never opened) with 10mm Silver Front Panel and Fully Vented Top (or bottom) Cover.
Made in Italy by Hi-Fi 2000/ModuShop; purchased in 2017

Current Store cost is $155., I paid $140. back in 2017. I'll be taking a loss on this fine chassis.
Selling for $115. and will Ship for FREE to Lower 48 US States ONLY.

See DiyStore for details
(mm) Height Width Depth
Internal 80 415 350
External 86 435 363
Faceplate 90 450 10
Heatsinks 10mm quasi heatsinks, black anodized aluminum
Top Cover 3mm black anodized aluminum - Fully Vented
Bottom Cover 3mm black anodized aluminum
Front Panel 10mm silver anodized aluminum
Rear Panel 3mm black anodized aluminum


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