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For Sale FS : SimpelStark+ amplifier

Things you have for sale.

I have too many amplifiers and I don't know where to put them, so I got to start selling again.

The build is on my forum (in French only but you can Google translate the pages)
SimpelStark+ Amplifier Build

I'm asking SOLD shipped anywhere in Canada and USA but will only honor up to SOLD$USD of shipping, you will have to pay the difference if there is. I will not ship anywhere in Canada or USA where it requires special drop off at the airport (like Kuujjuaq and the likes). Pickup in Montreal is possible, in this case, I will reduce the price a little.

All the best!
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I think I'm gonna skip all those price reduction update and go straight to the lowest price. Please do not expect it to drop beyond this price. It is final with no negotiation. I'm not in a rush to sell and don't need the money, just need to make room. This is a very fair price for a good quality build like this one.

See update on first post.

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