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FS SCHEU turntable

SOLD: my Scheu turntable.

Is has been sitting in moving boxes for the last 10 years and with the advent of (almost) analogue sounding digital gear it is not likely that I will ever finish it/set it up in the near future...

It consists of a massive base CNC cut from 25mm steel (powdercoated and weighing in at many many kilos) sitting on custom made polished brass feet and having a inverted spindle with a ceramic ball inside that turns ever so smooth. It also consists of the legendary plexi platter (47mm thick) and the external motor case with matching psu. The real connaisseurs know this turntable anyway and all its details. It is made to very tight tolerances and has a very good reputation.

It comes less tonearm and cartridge. Back then I have used it with a Decca London and Denon DL 103... I also have a 12" Horstmann & Petter carbon tonearm with custom cnc'ed aluminum base to mount on the Scheu or other turntables.

As said it was in dry storage (in my house) the last 10 years and is working perfectly.

Drop me a PM or mail when you are interested, price is upon negociation.

Shipping inside the EU is preferred since it will not run cheap to have it shipped overseas :eek:


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