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FS: Scan-speak, Seas Drivers

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Hello all,

Cleaning up the workshop and have a few drivers looking for a good home:

1pr. Scan-speak D2905/9500, in original box, 10+ years old, used in a couple of projects, sitting on the shelf for at least 7 years. Annoyingly small terminals have been soldered, and there are a couple of scratches on the faceplate as you can see in the photo (too many martinis one evening when removing tweeters...). Otherwise in good working order. $90 for the pair + shipping.

1pr. Scan-speak D2905/9700, around 10 yrs old, used in a project many years ago and have been sitting unused for 7+ years. Tabs have been soldered, otherwise in really good condition. $150 for the pair + shipping.

1pr. Seas CA18RNX, maybe a year and a half old, used for a few months in a project. Please note in the photo that one of the dustcaps looks a little shiny in spots-- I don't know what this is from- might be residue from sticky stuff I used to attach some added mass when measuring VAS... Will not effect sound, but will effect aesthetics if used without a grill. $80 for the pair + shipping.

1pr. Seas 29TFF, purchased at same time as CA18s, tested only, never used in project. $50 for the pair + shipping.

Higher res images available on request.

More drives will be posted soon once I take some more photos.

Thanks for looking,



  • 9500-1.JPG
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  • 9500-3.JPG
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  • 9700-1.JPG
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  • 9700-2.JPG
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  • CA18RNX-1.JPG
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  • CA18RNX-2.JPG
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  • 29TFF-1.JPG
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