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FS: Scan-Speak Illuminator d3004/60200 Tweeters, Scan-Speak Discovery 10f Midrange

I started up a new revision of my install recently. Ordered a few things and now selling a couple.

Scan-Speak Illuminator d3004/602000 Tweeters:

These tweeters are BRAND NEW. They haven't been powered up once at all. I got them in, started test fitting and realized they weren't going to work out because they're too large to stack above my midrange. So, I'm going to have to go with something a bit smaller.
These come with scanspeak box/packaging.


Typical used price has been right around $200 on these. Madisound is asking $240+shipping for a pair.
I'm asking $200 shipped CONUS.
Canada will probably be about $20-30 extra. PM me for a quote.​

Scan-Speak Discovery 10f/4424G 4" Midrange:

Have no more than 15 minutes power on them. I bought them for rear fill application and I just don't have the ability to get around to that portion of my install anytime soon. I was going to keep these to have around but I really don't foresee me using them anytime in the near future. I already have a couple speakers for home audio projects, so I'm just going to put them up for sale. If they don't go, then I'll hang on to them.

There is no OEM box for these, but I do have the original packaging.

These would make a great wideband driver and are pretty small in geometry.

Here's some info from Zaph:
Zaph said:
This is a very interesting driver, and my tests were diverse and extensive. Frequency response on the infinite baffle is first rate, nearly a flat line for a 6 octave span. That could open the door for some interesting design oportunities. Harmonic distortion is also very good and we pretty much have one of the better midranges available. Overall it's a well built and tiny midrange that should find it's way into many great 3-way designs. This is effectively a 3" driver with a radiating surface of just over 2". It's hard to understand how small this is until it's in your hand. Use with a small neo tweeter for closer spacing and a higher crossover point.

Good consistency between samples. One had a little higher Qts and lower Vas but close enough to not care. Midrange subenclosure size is generally unimportant as long as it is properly damped. Once I got the T/S parameters, I did some power handling sims and they show that this driver does not need to be treated like a dome midrange with minimal excursion. Even at 300Hz LR2 electrical filtering, calculated Xmax is not exceeded even with 256 watts. Power handling will always be a thermal issue with this midrange unless you try to treat it more like a small woofer than the midrange it is.


Madisound is asking $170+shipping for a pair.
I'm asking $150 shipped CONUS.
Canada will probably be about $20-30 extra. PM me for a quote.​

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