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FS SC982-04 Low Jitter Input Transfo


Paid Member
2002-10-30 11:57 pm
Canada, Qc
I need to buy 3 Scientific Conversion SC982-04 Low Jitter Digital Input Transfo, but I have to buy 5. So I can sell 2.

This is the best digital input transformer in the business, only 4ps! I can supply the schematic to use for SPDIF or AES/EBU inputs. It is a must for your DAC project.

Sell for 20U$ each, my cost.

email me if your interested. I accept PayPal.
If there is enough people interested I may do a group buy.

A few users already express interest in buying the transfo. I may place the order in the next two weeks.

Price may be a little lower because we would be able to split the shipping cost, maybe in the order of 18U$ each instead of 20$. There will be shipping charge to reship the parts to you, but don't worry, these parts are quite small and shipping won't be expensive.

After that it will be too late. Just to let you know.