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FS: Sansui AU-717 Amplifier/Audiophile Upgrades

***SOLD*** FS: Sansui AU-717 Amplifier/Audiophile Upgrades

One owner extremely nice Sansui AU-717 with a conservative 85 watts per channel. Corrosive glue has been cleaned from all boards. All capacitors on power supply, phono, tone control and driver amp boards have been replaced/upgraded with audio quality Panasonic, Nichicon FG's, and Elna Silmic II capacitors. Silmic II capacitors are made with silk but sound like gold.

Solder joints have been re-flowed as needed and out of spec resistors and diodes have been replaced. Controls have been cleaned with deoxit and lubed with faderlube and work as they should...very smooth no noise. All work done in November 2012. The cosmetics are 9.5/10. Very clean inside and out and sounds perfect. Amplifier has been set to factory specs for bias and DC offset.

This is great AU-717 to add to your system for years of flawless operation. I will include a copy of both the owners manual and service manual.

$535 plus $48 shipping for the CONUS.


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