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FS: Rotary double 3x6 position switch from AML


2016-06-28 5:17 pm
Because I am abandoning some (too) expensive project I am selling eight rotary switches bought from audio maintenance limited. Never used. INFO
For shipping cost send me PM. Lower price if you take all.
More to follow.

Price: 40€ per switch

PS: shipping from EU
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2016-06-28 5:17 pm
No problem, here are the pictures.


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I really didn't do my homework, so this should not be a surprise.. :p

You know what the Romans said: "Caveat Emptor" or "Let the buyer beware." Apparently it's a very old problem. :D

I never spend more than I can afford to loose, and hopefully PayPal will refund my money. Setting all of this up seems to be a lot of work for 95 euro, I imagine he was running parallel scams in several other places at the same time.