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FS: Relay based stepped attenuator

Hi there!

I want to sell these 3 passive stepped attenuators I made, I need to support my other projects. These are made for any DIY amplifier projects to replace standard potentiometers. There is only 3 pieces!


Stepped attenuator 1: SOLD
Stepped attenuator 2: SOLD
Stepped attenuator 3: SOLD

Accept PayPal only.

The resistors are high quality Susumu SMT resistors.
Input impedance is 10K Ohm. Output impedance varies.
Can be used with amplifier input impedance 10K or more.

The attenuator is MCU controlled, for the volume you need only a single potentiometer (10K linear), and it has a remote control interface onboard. Has 128 steps, two inputs, one output, single ended.

Power is 9-24V (better 10-20V) DC.

What You need to add:
-power (9-24V, but 10-20 is better)
-single 10K linear potentiometer
-push button for source selector
-install the supplied IR receiver

Refering the IR remote interface please read my blog -> LINK

For any question please ask.

Stepped attenuator 3:
Meanwhile I assembled it as the others. This is the only one left.
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