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FS: Prism dScope III and dS-NET-I/O Switcher audio analyzers

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SOLD: Prism dScope III and dS-NET-I/O Switcher audio analyzers

For sale dScope Series III analogue and digital audio analyzer (full options version) and ds-NET VSIO digital interface and controller. Both items work perfectly and are in very good condition (a couple of minor scratches on top panel) and come with aftermarket cables and adapters.

If you're reading this you probably know pretty well what the two can do, but in a nutshell dScope is a professional computer-based audio analyzer, ds-NET VSIO expands on this and allows direct control and connection to DAC chips and audio interfaces (serial control, tapping directly to I2S bus etc.). In order to use ds-NET VSIO, one needs to connect it to dScope.

More info and specifications here and here. A good overview of dScope and comparison with Audio Precision 525 here.

Price for dScope Series III is 6K EUR, price for ds-NET VSIO is 1.3K EUR. Bank transfer preferred, PayPal accepted (add 3.5% to cover the fees for the latter).

Shipping worldwide (units can be switched between 115V and 230V by the way), drop me a note for a quote. I will pack these carefully and thoroughly and post insured and with tracking number. The analyzers are located in France (Paris) - should you be around, you're welcome to come and test before buying.

PS1. Long-time lurker on this forum but not really active, if you're looking for some references you can check my feedback on Head-Fi (same username) or eBay (abarca).

PS2. I have 2 dScope and 1 ds-NET VSIO, due to changes in my projects I don’t need all this anymore but just a dScope which I'm keeping, hence this sale.

Update: sold (a long time ago), missed to update the thread - my bad.
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Thanks Jan. Price is fair to say the least (almost 50% of the retail one), but no matter how good of a deal and how great of a product this is still a lot of money to put in a hobby, I'm aware of that. Economics change of course for a small business but that's another story. All in all, not in a rush and these will sell eventually.
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