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FS - Pass Labs Aleph X Class A

SOLD - Pass Labs Aleph X Class A


For sale 2 lovely hand made amplifiers. They are clones based on Nelson Pass, model Aleph X.
Made one month ago.

Both amplifiers have DRV 134 Balanced Output amplifiers that convert a single-ended input into balanced output pair.
So You are always using 100% of capabilitys of this amplifiers. Independet power supply to DRV 134.

They have only 0,002mV and 0,008mV on outside.

Basic information:
- Size 450x210x450 mm
- Capacitors of each one is 132000uf (military version)
- Toroidal transformer 600VA in Audio Version .
- Power outputs is 70W /8ohm (mesured with sinus 200Hz signal input)
- 12volts Trigger can be used to power on .
- Audio connectors RCA XLR are Neutrik
- Speakers connectors made by Aucharm copper and rhodium.
- Silicon wires used to build.
- Vitrohm non indictive resistors and Dale RN60D.
- 24 power output transistors have been chosen from 100.
- Modushop chassis.

Each one weight 18kg.
1 year warranty

Will be shipped in secured, solid wooden boxes.
Price £SOLD
Location PE38, UK

Thank You








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