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FS: Pair Hemp Acoustics FR8.1 NIB

Pair of brand new, in original boxes Hemp Acoustics FR8, bought them for a project and lost interest. Sat in the boxed for almost four years, need the space. The current price is $128 / piece (at e-speakers.com), I'm asking
$130 for the pair plus shipping (probably less than $20 continental USA).
Full range, highly regarded, many designs on the web using this driver.

Thank you, Alex
Here are a few picture of the drivers.
Thanks, alex


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Paid Member
2005-11-24 4:10 am
I have those drivers in the Metronome cabinet that was designed for them. There's a picture of them at The Metronome. Highly recommended. They can use a little BSC, I have a 1 mH coil paralleled with a resistor of which I can't remember the value. Very nice with tubes, but right now they are in my bedroom hooked to an old Yamaha receiver and a Squeezebox and they sound good there too.