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FS: O2 Headphone Amp Assembled Boards

Hey, I just finished putting together my O2 amp and it sounds great. I'm going to assemble 8 more, so I'd like to sell this one now and 7 more when they're completed in a week or so.
This will help me raise money for a headphone upgrade:)

I've got the board, batteries and power supply, shipped in the US for $120. Overseas for $120 + shipping. All you have to do is figure out a case.

I'm new to the diyaudio forums but I've sold a lot of stuff on hardforums.com as user id "hoffstetter".

Here's some pics, let me know what you think.
UPDATE! I have been working on a good way to sell these with a case but the expensive metal front panel was the only thing stopping me. Well I found a solution.


This is my new laser cut, clear acrylic front panel! The lettering is laser etched on the back so the front is smooth. The one pictured below is 3mm but the rest, the ones I'll be selling, will be 2mm thick so there won't be any risk of obstructing the ports. I hope the pictures convey how beautiful these are in person.

So now I'm selling these with amp, case, front panel, batteries and supply, for $135. I'm using the black aluminum case that RocketScientist recommended. I won't have the cases until Tuesday, so they won't ship until Wednesday.
I got the rest of my front panels in today! Don't worry the burnt look is just on the protective plastic covering.

I also got the cases in so here are some pics of the assembled amps. I just need to get the boards grounded to the cases and they'll be ready to ship.
Way to drop the ball dropbox.
Here are the pics that dropbox isn't showing in the previous post:

I completed 7 amps on wednesday night. 3 of them are sold and paid for already, 2 of which shipped on thursday. One more is pending payment. And I have two locals inquiring. If you want one, please speak up quickly.

I purchased an O2 from Aerohoff and I have to say I'm rather impressed by the service and the build quality. The packaging was also really good which I appreciated as my mail man occasionally tries by sheer force of will to make packages fit into the apartment mailbox <___>.

I encourage anyone looking for a built O2 to consider one of these as they're quite nice and the experience I had as a customer was exceptional.


2006-07-21 7:29 pm
I am also a very happy customer of Eric's fine work.
The amp looks great and from peaking inside, you see it was done by a pro.

Most important - the amp sounds great.

Eric actually lives pretty close to me so I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife in person. I am looking forward to learn what other cool stuff he is going to build in the future!
I just received my amp today only two days after it shipped, and it works perfectly! As others said, it looks very well-built on the inside, and it feels much more solid than I was expecting. The input and output jacks have a very good grip for instance, so cords will not be easily dislocated by accident. I suppose that's just due to wise component selection by NwAvGuy, but I'm very impressed overall. The controls also feel quite sturdy, whereas I originally expected them to be more delicate. As the others said, Aerohoff packed the amp in a nice thick layer of bubble wrap. He also threw in a few extras as a courtesy, like rubber feet for the casing (I'm actually not positive if they're technically rubber, but that's beside the point ;)). Overall, my experience ordering from Aerohoff was excellent, and so was his communication. I started out just praying the transaction went smoothly: This was the first time I ever bought from a private seller on a forum, and I've gotten burned a couple times on ebay. I definitely had nothing to worry about this time: Aerohoff was very professional and prompt, and he was just a pleasure to deal with in general. Great job!