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FS NO: miniDSP 4x10 HD

Used miniDSP 4X10HD Multi-Channel Digital Signal Processor for sale. 4x inputs of which two of them is analog, 10x outputs of which 8 analog out and 2xDigital I/O.

miniDSP 4x10 Hd is a versatile multi-channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for analog and digital audio sources. Combining high quality audio algorithms along with a flexible software configuration, this platform follows the footsteps of our successful line of processors. With its balanced & un-balanced analog & digital audio I/O, the platform easily fits in the audio chain of most systems. Engineered for durability, the platform is packaged in a sturdy powder coated steel enclosure. The removable rack ears and thick brushed aluminum front panel match the needs of consumer (Home AV) or commercial (ProAV) installs.

Asking for 450USD for this unit.
Items location is Norway, can be shipped to nearly anywhere but, shipping is not included.


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Normally yes that's true @asuslover

They do have offers and deals for buyers and sellers too though, I buy 2 in 10 items on there from over seas.

I've sold items for 2 or 3 figures with only 99p selling fees.
Ive also sold item for 2 or 3 figures on special offers such as 99p final auction price selling fees.

The global shipping program can be cheap enough to add a % on to a listing price and still receive the item Internationally for very similar money 💰 🤑
@codegen appreciate the try, I can swallow the shipping no problem... as I say I've purchased from overseas so I get that 👍

@codegen when it comes to the shipping tab, if you leave it as "Ebay Global Shipping Program" you will just ship to your local ebay warehouse and they will deal with the rest.

For example I live in the East Midlands here and our local program warehouse is Litchfield 45 miles away, so just take to my local Royal Mail post off near my house, it ships locally to the warehouse and they deal with the rest of the international shipping from there, it's quite a good system to be fair to Ebay 😍

@codegen ive made the mistake before by adding additional worldwide shipping on top of the "Ebay GSP" and the price was cheaper to ship to the moon 🌙 via SpaceX 🤣
Brilliant so you finished up with $445 + the $55 shipping, question is did you make the $5 back from any shipping savings to leave you with the $450 you wanted @codegen 🤞

I'm surprised Ebay doesn't have an international sorting warehouse there, I thought they had at least one in all major countries 🙃