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FS: NHT Xd 10" Al cone woofer

NOS 10" aluminum cone woofer. Vented cone and voice coil. 2" voice coil. 200W RMS. Used in the NHT XdW subwoofer. $50 each, free shipping. XdW cabinets available also. See reviews ->https://www.audioholics.com/soundbar-and-satellite-speaker-reviews/nht-xd-loudspeaker-system-review
Specifications: View attachment xdw10.pdf
NHT XdW cabinet with woofers - no amp

We have some NOS NHT XdW sub woofer cabinets complete with woofers and grills, no amps but with bare amp plate. The cabinets are sealed, acoustic suspension. The yellow color on the cabinets have faded a bit in spots over time (see arrow in picture). It's slight but noticeable when close up. The woofers are wired in parallel which makes the DCR ~2 ohms but if your amp can't handle it you could rewire them in series. About 400W would do nice. $170 each, free shipping.
xdw1.jpg xdw2.jpg plate.jpg