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FS: MosFets

cygnus x1

2006-09-25 1:19 pm
Mosfets for sale

IRFP250 All tested, some graded for IDSS matching, 27 total $27.00 SOLD
IRFP9240 All tested, some graded for IDSS matching, 13 total $13.00 SOLD
NTE 2382 sub for MTP8N10, 20 total $20.00
NTE 2383 sub for MTP8P10, 20 total $20.00

Superphon SA120 circuit boards. 5 prs. available. New pair for $5.00

TPO-604N3, hard to find bias Mosfet used in Superphon SA120, $2.00 ea

Wanted 2 matched sets of ECX10N20/ECX10P20...trades for above?
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