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FS: Misc Project PCB's

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1. BUF03 LDR Preamp - If you have some BUF03's, this is hard to beat! Requires bipolar PS. Includes offset trim for each BUF03, and LED balance trim for LDR mismatch. SOLD

2. EAR phono - This is a deluxe version with OEM PS. This has all the options to emulate the Romy the Cat and Thorsten mods. Multiple B+ cap options (electrolytic, film 2-pin and film 4-pin). Coupling cap sized to accomodate Obbligato Golds. SOLD

3. MM/MC RIAA Opamp - Single op-amp with negative RIAA feedback. Has switch provisions to adjust cart loading and gain for a single MM/MC switch. Pick your favorite op-amp. 8 left. $12 shipped

4. Dynaco SCA-35 Upgrade - Includes PS cap replacements, Adjustable fixed bias circuit and DC heater supply (w/transformer) for phono stage. Fits in cap mounting holes. $25 shipped

5. WAD Phono - EXCELLENT phono stage with built-in Series Pass Regulator and DC heater supplies. This beat the EAR above in neutrality. SOLD

6. Zen Amp - Picked this off eBay and decided not to build. SOLD

7. Vintage Cap Adapters - These are great for updating old amps with chassis mount cans. Bolt these to OEM holes and solder in a Jensen (or equiv. pin space) modern electrolytic. Available in chassis grounded or isolated versions. SOLD

ALL of these have been built and tested (except the Zen). I do have pics of finished working boards if anyone wants to see them. I will provide all info needed to build these as required.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.