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FS: Martin Logan Ascent electrostatic panels


2004-07-22 3:42 am
Given the response for my ML Sequel panels , I have decided I have way to much stuff , which will be better used by someone else.

I have a pair of 'as-new' ML ASCENT panels in factory box. Still in plastic bags. I believe these are from 2003/2004 . Bought these from a friend that got 'upgraded ' panels from ML. I don't know what that was , but he spent$550 on the new ones at the time.
These are obviously good for a ML Ascent owner , but really good for DIYer , as they have a mounting flange built into the sides of the panels. Very easy to mount these to your frame.
I also have 4 additional 220v-5v toriod transformers , as well as 2 120v-1500v bias transformers. Again, these are all new.

$350 for all


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