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FS: Magnepan Super MMG and more

I have swung back to cone speakers for HT and I'm selling my Magnepan setup. All speakers have original shipping boxes and packing along with Magnepan's manuals and depending on the model, the audio setup CDs.

SMMG + DWM in offwhite with oak trim: $850
Single DWM off-white fabric with oak trim: $550
MG-MC1 black fabric black trim: $550
MMG-W off-white with blemish: $125

I will absorb paypal fee. Buyer pays UPS shipping from 52402 (east-central IA). Local pickup will get extra free items if desired (freestanding steel mount for MC1, custom sabots for SMMG, a black MMG-C if you buy a lot of stuff) Here are the weights so you can estimate what the shipping will be:
SMMG- 46lbs + 24lbs for DWM
DWM- 24lbs
MG-MC1- 28lbs
MMG-W- 23lbs

Edit: Shipping is CONUS only.


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