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FS: LM3886+2876 with active crossover

Bargain, 68w rms + 40w rms crossover at 1700hz @ 48db/octave - yes 8th order!

Plug in a power supply and you are off with an active speaker system.

Crossover frequency can be changed and I can supply the xl spreadsheet with the info!

LM2876 can easily be replaced with LM3886, but the LM2876 is a little better on paper so I think it is a good choice

US$19/ea delivered anywhere in the world.

See details here: these are the Alesis amps, my project changed direction.


20 pcs left


2003-07-18 4:17 am
I'd buy 'em but I got 10 of them for FREE off craigslist.org

(there were actually 12, but they were left on the sidewalk outside the previous owners home. On the drive to pick them up I was hoping that if someone beat me to them, then they would leave at least two for me. So I left two for whoever made it after I did. If anyone knows who got them I'd love to know what they are doing with them!)

they really are quite nice, and well worth US$19 each.