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FS: Ian's FIFO Stack


Seeing how I can't leave well enough alone, I've reconfigured my DAC's again and I have a full FIFO stack I can let go of. This includes:

* I2S FIFO Board (current firmware)
* Dual XO Clock board
* S/PDIF Interface Board
* FIFO Isolator Board
* Cystek 45.x & 49.x Oscillators (mounted on adaptors)

I didn't use U.FL for this stack, so standard wire/connectors will be included. The other bits that Ian included have been absorbed for other projects/stock so this will be for the stack above with wire/connectors.

It's in pristine shape - just came out of the DAC. The S/PDIF has never been used, so you'll need the connectors to wire that up to FIFO. I'm only selling the entire stack together, so please don't ask me to break it up.

I know many of you missed out on this GB, and a new one hasn't been scheduled. Rather than letting it sit in my parts bin - thought I'd pass it on.

$350 + shipping (with insurance) + any paypal fees.
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