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FS HV caps and misc. chokes


2006-07-12 2:33 pm
Cleaning out closet: 8 – Mallory New old stock CGS801T450V4l Capacitor 800 MFD 450 WVDC. These caps have never been used but they need to be brought up to voltage slowly due to age. Asking $15.00 each or $80.00 for all eight. I would prefer these be used for DIY guys and not show up on Ebay for $30.00 each.
1- Triad C-21X filter ractor (choke) 1.5 Henry 225 ma d.c 65 ohms, 1- Triad C-40X choke 0.32 Henries 600ma d.c 10 ohms.Asking $5.00 each.
2-TITAN choke transformer co. TT 2305 Mil-T-27 TF4R04GA 0.7MH at 15ADC max d.c.res. – 0.1 ohms
$5.00 each
Will sell all the items for $95.00


2006-07-12 2:33 pm


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