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FS: HT Equipment, Computer Hardware, etc

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Hey folks,

I have changed my system up quite a bit and need to get rid of a bunch of stuff because I'm going to be moving in a couple of months and I'm not using any of this.
I'm will to budge on prices (somewhat) and will take trades.
Pictures can be seen on my site.
Also, if anyone would like to pick anything up, that is great. If anyone wants more information on anything I'll happily do what I can.

1. Denon AVR-1804
Works and sounds great. Still have remote, Owner Manual, and FM antenna. (I have the AM antenna as well, but it is in ATL, if needbe I can have that shipped) This is a great amp and if I still did HT I would keep it.
$125 +shipping

2. Denon DVD-1910/DVD-755
Works great, this is older and has a DVI output.
$35 +shipping

3. Acer Aspire T180
This was my workhorse for the past year. This small desktop is a beast. I've added RAM and added other hardware, but the other stuff is sold separately.
2.4GHz AMD Athlon 64 3800+
Card Readers
$100 +shipping

4. ATI Radeon HD 4670
This is less than a year old has DVI, VGA, and HDMI outputs
$40 +shipping

5. Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB 3.5" HDD
This is less than 6 months old and works great.
$55 +shipping

6. Hitachi 80GB 2.5" HDD
Pulled this from my Mac Mini and replaced with a SSD
$25 +shipping

7. NANYA Laptop RAM 2x 512MB
Upgraded RAM in old Dell Laptop
$10 +shipping

8. HP DVD940
External DVD+-RW Drive with LightScribe, works great, used only about 10 times for burning DVDs before having the Acer.
$35 +shipping

9. Sony MDR-V300
Headphones I bought years ago
$5 +shipping

10. Panasonic RP-HT215
Headphones I bought years ago
$5 +shipping

I have a ridiculous number of cables, but these are all the ones people MIGHT want:

1. AudioQuest RCA cables 2M
I don't like the color (maroon) but these are great cables with awesome connectors on them.
$50 +shipping

2. Dayton Audio VGA to component video
Parts Express link
$10 +shipping

3. Monster Cable Component Cables 2M
There are two of these in great shape.
$10 +shipping (sold separately)

4. Dayton S-Video 2M
$5 +shipping

5. Monster Car Audio Interconnects 16'
It hurts me to sell these, they are nice.
$30 +shipping

6. Component Video and RCA
Not sure of the company, they were given to my by an ex-girl friend's Dad when he bought his plasma, I installed it for him and he had bought those cables and they were leftovers so he told me to keep them, they are decent.
$10 +shipping

7. Monster RCA 2M
$2 +shipping

8. Monster RCA 2M (I think this is actually a digital coax cable, but there is no way of knowing, its not a pair, just a single and has a red label on it)
$2 +shipping

Please take some of this stuff off my hands so that I don't have to move it.





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Unfortunately no,
It has component, s-video, and composite video inputs (this can be seen from the photo on my website). I bought the AVR-1804 and the DVD-1910 at the same time, they were when DVI was popular (months before HDMI got big). For some reason manufacturers didn't make receivers with DVI, but component may still be able to pass a 1080p signal, surely 1080i. Reference


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