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FS: HP8903A - performance tested

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Up for sale is one HP 8903A Audio Analyzer. Sale price is $550.

This instrument will generate a high-purity sine wave and measure distortion down to about 0.003 %.

I have run it through the calibration/performance testing within the capabilities of my test equipment. It's one of the best technical performers I've seen. You can view my test report here.

Cosmetically, it's a bit below average. The lens in front of the display seems to have some tiny bubbles in it which makes the display slightly fuzzy. However, the display is easily readable - as you can see in the pictures below.

The analyzer will be shipped using foam-in-place packaging. This provides the most secure form of packaging and the instrument will arrive in good condition. I'll ship to the US, Canada, and Western Europe. I would love to ship world wide, but US Postal Service won't allow a package this large to be shipped world wide.
If you're in the greater Seattle area we can also arrange for a local pick-up.

Shoot me a PM if you're interested in buying this analyzer.



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I can do the adjustments and run it through performance testing for $150 including return shipping (USPS Parcel Post within the US). However, note that due to limitations in my test equipment, I can only test up to about 50~100 Vrms so the top 3~4 ranges will be tested at lower than specified voltage. I'm working on improving my test setup to handle this. It only affects the AC volts test. Distortion, SINAD, etc. is done at lower levels. I do test the HPIB port -- in fact some of the testing in done via HPIB.

I recognize the control number tag and bar code. This unit came from a Motorola plant. The plants in Florida used this system. I am not sure about the Chicago area plants. There were hundreds of HP8903A's and 8903B's in use in the manual and automated product test systems. As production was scaled back a lot of equipment was sold. Some to employees and some to surplus houses. There were some larger events like the entire Boynton Beach plant closing that dumped tons of test equipment on the market all at once. Most was sold in large lots or auctioned on Dove Bid. I bought several van loads of the non functional stuff cheap and mixed and matched to make the equipment I used today.

All of the major Motorola plants had their own in house calibration lab and all production equipment went through a full calibration every 6 months or 1 year depending on where it was used. I worked in one of those cal labs for 10 years. Ex Mot stuff has been well cared for and is some of the better quality used test equipment found today.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.