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FS/FT: One good Harman-Kardon A50K/A500 Output transformer

I have one good output transformer for the Harman-Kardon A50K or A500, part # FT3824638, for sale or trade.

Price is $70.00 plus shipping, or would trade for a single Edcor output transformer of this type:

CXPP60-MS-6.6K: EDCOR - CXPP60-MS-6.6K

If you have a pair of these, I would be glad to buy the other one from you, as well, for the price Edcor charges for them (I'll send you the HK transformer plus money for one transformer, for the pair of Edcors).

Same could apply, if you have a pair of other output transformers, of similar quality and size, that I could use- I'd be willing to pay for one, and trade for the second...

Shipping is not included in the above prices, naturally. I'd expect USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes to be cheapest, usually.

I would also be quite willing to include the other transformer from the A50K, if you're willing to pay for the additional shipping (if using a flat-rate Priority Mail box, it probably would not cost extra for shipping), for no extra charge other than shipping. It has a shorted winding, and would need to be rewound, before it could be used.

This transformer is also for sale locally; that may affect whether it is already sold or not, when inquiries are made here. I will sell to whomever commits first, whether here or locally.

BTW: I do not have Paypal.