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FS/FT Matched IRF610, audio ICs, Caddock, more

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Just clearing out the parts box a bit:

Matched IRF610
Tested to 10mV, but will sell as 20mV matches. Pairs and quads avail.
Tested for 10s, then matches tested for 1 minute to confirm.
Unmatched at $0.25/per

Caddock MP816 0.2R
Caddock low-inductance TO-220 package, 2.25W bare or 16W w/heatsink.

Crystal CS8405a-CS
96kHz S/PDIF transmitter
1 available (SO)

Crystal CS8420-CS
ASRC with S/PDIF reciever/transmitter, rev. D
3 available (SO)
$15 obo (well under my cost)

24.576MHz PLL oscillator; 50ppm stability, 16ps RMS jitter, TTL output
1 available (full size DIP)

Analog AD797
Ultra low noise opamp.
2 available (DIP)

Maxim MAX454 50 MHz (analog) video mux
Broadcast-quality 4:1 video switching ICs w/amplifier.
? available (DIP)

These parts are new (tubed) except for Maxim IC (NOS tubed). FETs were handled at a static safe station. Shipping $2 in the U.S. Will ship internationally at cost. Questions? Tiroth@iname.com

I am interested in trades for quality resistors, bypass caps (polyprop), chip film/mica caps. Also LEDs with Vfd~2.8V. Thanks.
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